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Underground Film Journal Editor Participating In Cinephilia Roundtable

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 23, 2011

Mike Everleth, the editor of the Underground Film Journal, is honored to have been asked to participate in a new online discussion forum called Project: New Cinephilia, which is being sponsored by the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Mike will be taking part in a virtual “roundtable” discussion with other with other online film writers Neil Young, Frances Morgan, Mathieu Ravier, Andrew Grant and Damon Smith. Each writer’s contribution will be posted to the P: NC website later this week.

However, one can go right now and read other articles by writers such as Girish Shambu and Chris Fujiwara. Plus, one can also participate in a discussion forum linked to each article that is being hosted by the site MUBI.com.

Links to the roundtable discussion will be posted on the Underground Film Journal later.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival will take place on June 15-26 and will includes films such as Page Eight, Troll Hunter, The Divide and The Guard.

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