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By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 14, 2006

Whoops! Looks like the Tribeca Underground Film Festival got into a wee bit of trouble with the Tribeca Film Festival and had to change their name. They’re now known as Be Film: The Underground Film Festival and have a new URL and everything. Hey, have you seen Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver? Or Goodfellas? If he told me to change the name of my fucking festival, I’d do it, too. Pronto. Robert Redford, eh, not so scary, which is probably why they are still so many blank-dance Film Festivals in Park City.

If you go to the old TUFF site, you’ll find a lengthy explanation from the fest founder/director, Laurence Asseraf. We wish you luck. If I still lived in NYC, I’d have gone to the Underground over that other festival any day.