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Troma Releases Dennis Woodruff Compilation DVD

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 24, 2011

Dennis Woodruff Collection Vol. 1 DVD cover

If you’ve spent any time on the sidewalks of Hollywood, California, you’re more than likely to have been confronted by the world’s greatest struggling actor Dennis Woodruff to buy one of his DVDs. But now, people all over the world have the opportunity to experience Mr. Woodruff’s films because Troma Entertainment has released a compilation of three of his films — Spaceman, L.A. and Obsession: Letters to David Lynch — called the Dennis Woodruff Collection, Vol. 1.

An aggressive pitchman, Woodruff has been selling copies of his mini-masterworks himself out of his fleet of bizarrely decorated “art cars” all over Hollywood. Although he mostly bills himself as a struggling actor just looking for an honest gig, Woodruff also actually makes his own low-budget films that he stars in himself.

Spaceman is an epic sci-fi adventure about an alien (Woodruff) who comes to Hollywood to find a way to save his dying planet. L.A. is the tragic tale of a disgraced Hollywood producer (Woodruff) battling a drug and alcohol addiction. And Obsession: Letters to David Lynch is a documentary about Woodruff’s quest to get hired as an actor in Lynch’s next feature film.

The Dennis Woodruff Collection, Vol. 1 is currently available on Amazon.

Watch the trailer for Spaceman:

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