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Travels With Trent Harris: The Mystery Of Joe, Nut Licker

By Mike Everleth ⋅ December 14, 2009

Trent Harris — director of one of the greatest underground films of all time, The Beaver Trilogy — is currently producing a series of short travel videos, called Fling a Ding. In videos like the one embedded above, Harris tries to answer some of the mysteries of the universe, such as “Who is Joe and whose nuts has he been licking?”

Actually, if you stick with the video, you will discover that Joe is doing even more horrible things all over the desert. Or, is this all just some sick conspiracy to slander Joe’s good name? Plus, find out what happens when an intrepid filmmaker crosses into prohibited territory and risks getting blown up by the Air Force.

Close up of filmmaker Trent Harris

The Fling a Ding series is currently up to Chapter 18, which I’ve also embedded below. Alas, Harris’ promise to film “naked reality” doesn’t quite mean what you think it does. But, if you ever wanted to see just what a devastated wasteland the Salt Flats are, this is a good video to watch.

Hopefully, at some point, Harris will collect all of his Fling a Ding videos into one DVD, but for now you can follow his exploits at the official Fling a Ding website, which proves that to make a great travel video, all one has to do is grab a camera and boldly go where ever one goes.

Harris’ other films, such as The Beaver Trilogy, Delightful Water Universe and Plan 10 From Outer Space are available for sale on the filmmaker’s website.

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