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The Violent World Of Bob Moricz

I have no idea what the hell Bob Moricz is up to. He’s recently uploaded a ton of short, freaky, gross, violent, absolutely bizarro videos to YouTube lately. This is one of those situations where it’s more intriguing not to know, so I’m not asking him before posting some of these. They freak me out, man, and I recommend checking out the lot of them.

The above zombie attack video gets the lead position for the scene that happens about 55 seconds in. This isn’t something you’re going to see in a George Romero zombie movie. At least I don’t think I’ve seen it. And I’m not saying what it is for fear of getting the “wrong” kind of traffic, hint, hint. But, if you’re fascinated by the above as I am, here’s a few more:

This is my other favorite one:

Man wearing a black hockey mask with a necktie