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The Other Side: Special Screening

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 19, 2006

Sign that reads Terrorists (Heart) Open Borders

Bill Brown‘s documentary about U.S./Mexico border relations, The Other Side, that played at this year’s Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, the PDX Fest and Bethlehem, PA’s SouthSide Film Festival is having a special screening tonight in Fort Worth, TX.

It’s playing at the Rose Marine Theater, which is the home of the Latin Arts Association of Fort Worth. This is not a movie theater (tho’ it has operated as one in the past), but the kind of theater that shows plays. Tonight is the last night of the play Boxcar (written by Silvia Gonzalez S. and directed by Rob Bosquez). Following Boxcar will be a special free screening of The Other Side.

I picked up this news story from the blog XX Communicator.