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The Magical Mundane With Drew

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 14, 2009

[NOTE: Both music videos are no longer online.]

Here are two music videos by Drew Henkels, he of Drew & the Medicinal Pen fame. Actually, these are like little musical interludes, tiny repetitive melodies accompanying experimental films.

The top one, Part One of Magical Mundane, has a Philip Glass type of vibe. It reminds me of a shorter, lower budget Koyaanisqatsi with a little Kenneth Anger Fireworks thrown in. (Although, without the sexual storyline.) I find the video to be very relaxing and I especially like that it was originally shot on film, giving it a very muted, diffused look.

Part Three of Magical Mundane, embedded below is much more hyperkinetic. The music is much more repetitive and I like how the layers suddenly add up and then get subtracted back out throughout the song. I’m not sure how this one was shot, either on film or video — I’m not the best at spotting that kind of thing — but it’s obviously much more colorful, which is befitting of the music.

Both videos only run about two minutes each, but I feel like I could groove with them for at least 10.

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