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The King Of America

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 18, 2008

The above embedded video isn’t really an “underground” film, but it was sent to me by Elisa Haradon of Waiting for NESARA conspiracy film fame. It’s about a conspiracy of another kind: The influence of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon in American politics.

Well, it’s not really a “conspiracy” either since Moon’s actions are all out in the open. The centerpiece of the film, which was made by investigative journalist John Gorenfeld, is the crowning of Moon as the King of America by members of Congress. I remember when it happened a couple years ago. It was a pretty nutty event that didn’t get that much coverage and I think those involved now claim they were duped in literally putting the crown on Moon’s head.

The video goes much deeper than this one event and if you have twenty minutes or so to kill, I recommend watching it. That’s a long time for online videos, but it goes by real quick. Fascinating stuff.

For more info, visit Gorenfeld’s site.

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