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The End of Portland?

The End

Director Sean DelGatto, whose first feature Hollow Ground played at this year’s Portland Underground Film Festival, writes in to say that he’s having a free screening premiere of his latest flick, The End, at the historic Clinton Street Theater — the same theater in which they hold PUFF. That’s right, he says it’s free and it’s being held this Sunday, Dec. 10, at 7 p.m.The End was filmed in Oregon and here’s the description from the website:

Part one of a three piece Sci-fi film that is about change beyond our control. The human race must adapt to elements we would never consider possible before.

There’s also a lot of nice production photos on the site, so go check it out. And if you live in or near Portland, please go. As I reported here, the Clinton Street Theater got really hammered by a nasty storm, then was subsequently looted by vandals last month. So, if you go, buy a lot of snacks to support the theater since the screening is free.

Late Update: Read the Underground Film Journal’s review of The End (Part One).