Underground Film Journal

Vanessa Renwick

Vanessa Renwick is an American filmmaker, artist and founder and janitor of the Oregon Department of Kick Ass. She specializes in experimental and poetic documentaries that explore the relationships between bodies and place.

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Woodswoman (2010)
Little White Horse (2010)
Portrait #3: House of Sound (2009)
Red Stallions Revenge (2007)
Portrait #2: Trojan (2006)
Portrait #1: Cascadia Terminal (2005)
Britton, South Dakota (2003)
9 is a secret (2002)
Westward Ho! (2001)
Richart (2001) (with Dawn Smallman)
The Ugly Movie (1999)
The Yodeling Lesson (1998)
Crowdog (1984/1998)
U.C.A. Box (1996)
Random Union (1993)
Rube Ranch (1985)
Toxic Shock (1983)