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Harvey Kurtzman Storyboarded Sesame Street Cartoon

Via the culture blog Potrzebie, we learn that the above animation from an old episode of Sesame Street was storyboarded by the late, great humor artist Harvey Kurtzman, thus combining three of the Underground Film Journal’s favorite things: Underground comix, cartoons and old Sesame Street bits. Click through to Potzrebie to view some large and […]

Hilarious Alamo Drafthouse Angry Voicemail Promo

Austin’s legendary Alamo Drafthouse has a rule: Don’t talk or text during a movie or they’ll kick you out. Well, one chick texted during a movie. They kicked her out. And she leaves one of the most brutally hilarious angry voice mails of all time. So, they turned it into a promotional ad. (I particularly […]

Underground Film Journal Editor Interviewed For Winnipeg’s Uptown Magazine

Mike Everleth, editor of the Underground Film Journal, was recently interviewed by film journalist Kenton Smith for Uptown Magazine, a weekly arts & news publication based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Mike was questioned about the extensive experimental film scene based in Winnipeg, which he writes about with some regularity on the Underground Film Journal. Winnipeg […]

Watch: Underground Film Journal Video Promo #2

The Underground Film Journal has uploaded the second video in a series of promos for the site. That’s it embedded below. Please consider watching this one as it’s way more extensive and expensive than the first video. Between the music licensing, mall location fee, paying a large cast, on-set tutors, massive craft services for everyone, […]

The New Cinephilia: Part II (The Revenge)

Mike Everleth, editor of the Underground Film Journal, has his second essay up on the Project: New Cinephilia website, hosted by this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival. The essay is entitled “Slow! Cinephiles Writing!,” which refers to the importance of substantial, serious critical film analysis to exist on the web alongside cheap, quick movie industry […]

Underground Film Journal On The New Cinephilia

The Underground Film Journal’s first entry in the Project: New Cinephilia roundtable is now online. In the piece, editor Mike Everleth ruminates on his zine background, why he writes about the underground and wonders if “cinephilia” even needs the cinema anymore. Project: New Cinephilia is a collection of essays on modern film writing and how […]

Underground Film Journal Editor Participating In Cinephilia Roundtable

Mike Everleth, the editor of the Underground Film Journal, is honored to have been asked to participate in a new online discussion forum called Project: New Cinephilia, which is being sponsored by the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Mike will be taking part in a virtual “roundtable” discussion with other with other online film writers Neil […]