Underground Film Journal

Tony Gault

Tony Gault is an American documentary and experimental filmmaker based in Denver, Colorado. His films vary between being composed entirely of found footage and being constructed entirely out of original material shot by himself or sometimes with collaborators.

All of his work, though, typically revolves around man's relationship with his own identity and with nature.

Gault received his MFA from the University of Iowa and is currently an Associate Professor in Media, Film & Journalism Studies at the University of Denver. He also frequently presents his films on screening tours with fellow professor Elizabeth Henry.


Ghost of Yesterday (2012)
Four Cubic Feet of Space (2010)
Fledgling (2009) (with Elizabeth Henry)
Fossil Light (2009)
Case Histories in Psychotherapy, Richard: Part II (2008)
Count Backwards From Five (2007)
Three Sides of Pi (2007)
Déjà Vu (2006)
A Good Strong Roof (2004)
Not Too Much Remember (2003)
Somewhere, I Was Born (2000)
Housesitting (1999)
Tabernacle (1998)
The Gift (1997)
Peter Milks Blood (1995)
Picture #4 (1993)
Hats Can Be a Scary Thing (1992)