Underground Film Journal

Todd Verow

Todd Verow is a prolific indie filmmaker based in New York City. He primarily directs feature-length fictional narratives on digital video that feature small, intimate stories with improvisational acting.

His films also frequently deal with queer themes that challenge popular representations of homosexuals in the media, such as his debut feature, Frisk, about an S&M enthusiast who also might be a serial killer.

Learn more about this filmmaker at the website of his production company, Bangor Films.

Watch Streaming Films By Todd Verow:


The Endless Possibility of Sky (2012)
Bottom (2011)
Leave Blank (2010)
Deleted Scenes (2010)
The Final Girl (2010)
The Boy With the Sun in His Eyes (2009)
Fucking Art (2008)
Between Something & Nothing (2008)
Xx: Where Your Heart Should Be (2007)
Hooks to the Left (2006)
Vacationland (2006)
Bulldog in the White House (2006)
Anonymous (2004)
Face First (2003)
Fluff (2003)
Take Away (2002)
Against (2001)
Once and Future Queen (2000)
A Sudden Loss of Gravity (2000)
The Trouble with Perpetual Deja-Vu (1999)
Shucking the Curve (1998)
Little Shots of Happiness (1997)
Frisk (1995)
Preen (1994)
V Is for Violet (1989)