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Skizz Cyzyk

Skizz Cyzyk is a Baltimore-based filmmaker, musician, writer and film festival worker. He's played in punk bands, made films, written for several film magazines and has worked for Slamdance for many years. He also founded and ran for several years the MicroCineFest, which is currently defunct.

His 2013 documentary Hit & Stay, co-directed with Joe Tropea, won awards at the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival and the Chicago Underground Film Festival.

Learn more about this filmmaker at his official website.


Hit & Stay (2013) (co-dir Joe Tropea)
Freaks in Love (2010)
Hair Dryer Chairs: Version 2004 (2004)
Damn You Mr. Bush! (2002)
Bad in the U.K. (2001)
Seemen (2000)
Star Spangled Babydoll (1999)
Anger, Hatred, Paranoia (1993)
Four Films in Five Minutes: A Trilogy (1992)
Man With the Marbles (1991)
Pandora’s Trashcan (1988)


Flashback: 2nd Annual New York Underground Film Festival

Ed Halter has graciously donated to the Underground Film Archive the program books for almost every edition of the New York Underground Film Festival. While this donation does not include the still-elusive program for the first edition of the fest in 1994, it does begin with the 2nd edition held in 1995 at the Anthology […]