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Bob Moricz’s Krimi is a stripped down Hollywood action thriller about a hit man returning to Portland and becoming embroiled in the city’s seedy underbelly.


In Robert Putka’s comedy short film Mouthful a young couple navigate the complex emotional realities of learning a little too much about your lover.


Film writer Phil Hall puts in an exceptional performance as an anachronistic drunk ranting on a park bench in the short film Uncorked.

The Pact

Jewel Staite stars as a mother haunted, quite literally, by her own childhood in Nicholas McCarthy’s spooky short film The Pact.

The Neighbors

Chris Werner’s short film The Neighbors is a nicely paced little thriller that should keep patient audiences puzzled and eventually rewarded.

Beating Hearts

Matthew Garrett’s Beating Hearts is a horror movie in reverse, starting with an act of monstrous evil, then delving into the meaning of it.

After You Left

In Jef Taylor’s melancholy short film After You Left, a despondent dude tries to get his life together after being dumped by his girlfriend.

The Magus

Jaimz Asmundson’s short, ritualistic film The Magus is an extraordinary vision of a mad artist, the filmmaker’s father, C. Graham Asmundson.