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Seth Price

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Seth Price is a NYC-based multimedia artist who produces film, video and sculpture. Plus, he engages in the act of "redistribution," in which he repackages old written texts, sound recordings and music. Seth is also a member of the Continuous Project artist collective.

Learn more about this filmmaker at his official site.


Koln Waves/Blues (2005/08)
Redistribution (2007–)
Freelance Stenographer (2007) (With Kelley Walker)
Folk Music & Documentary (2004)
Rejected or Unused Clips, Arranged in Order of Importance (2003)
2 For 1 Piece (2002)
NJS (2001-02)
New York Woman (2001)
Industrial Synth (2000-01)
American Graffity (2000)
Triumf (2000)
Analogue (1999)
Can You Pass the Mirror Without Looking? (1999)
Chaplin (1999)
Good Thoughts v. Bad Thoughts (1998)
Sub Accident (1997)
Ghost Story/ Curiousitas (1996)