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Salise Hughes

Salise Hughes is an American experimental filmmaker based in Seattle who specializes in making films that feature hand-drawn animation done over top of found footage.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at her official website.

Watch Streaming Films By Salise Hughes:


Charade (2013)
Erasable Cities (2011)
How to Draw Flowers (2011)
The Swimmer (2010)
Celluloid Heroes Never Really Die (2010)
Nothing to Fear But Nothing Itself (2009)
The Tourist (2008)
How to Draw Dogs (2007)
Every One I Have Ever Known (2007)
Double Lives (2007)
There Were Houses Here (2006)
How to Draw Clouds (2006)
Flying Dreams (2006)
Title Wave (2005)


Short Experimental Film: Charade

Hollywood is a place where one can completely reinvent oneself for fame and fortune. Experimental filmmaker Salise Hughes plays with the entire notion of shifting one’s identity with another entry in her “erased film” entries: Her brilliant reworking of the classic screwball mystery romance Charade.