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A Look Back: The American New Wave 1958-1967

In 1983, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, along with Media Study/Buffalo, created a touring retrospective of avant-garde films, primarily feature-length ones and a few shorts, which they called “The American New Wave 1958-1967.”

Taylor Mead, R.I.P.

Underground film actor and poet Taylor Mead has passed away at the age of 88 after suffering a debilitating stroke. He starred in The Flower Thief and Tarzan and Jane Regained.. Sort of.

Allan Arbus, R.I.P.

The Underground Film Journal was sad to hear about the recent passing of actor Allan Arbus, who died on April 19. He was 95 years old and starred in the underground comedy Greaser’s Palace, directed by Robert Downey Sr.