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Paul von Stoetzel

Paul von Stoetzel is an American independent filmmaker based in the Midwest. So far, he has primarily made feature-length documentaries and short narrative films. His documentaries focus on taboo and unconventional subjects, while his shorts typically fall into the horror genre.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at the official website for his production company,Killing Joke Films.

Watch Streaming Films By Paul von Stoetzel:


Scrap (2010)
Dinner Date (2009)
My Friend Root Rot (2009)
Snuff: A Documentary About Killing on Camera (2008)
creep. (2008)
War Propheteer (2007)
Von Convex (2005)
Asleep in the Deep (2005)


Streaming: Scrap

This documentary profiles two eccentric artists, Jim Bishop and Tom Every, who have independently have erected a massive hand-built castle and an enormous scrapyard garden respectively.


The documentary Scrap by Paul von Stoetzel is an artful documentary about two American iconoclast artists: Jim Bishop and Tom Every.