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Sunday — Dan Drasin

Sunday by Dan Drasin. Shot and completed in 1961. According to the filmmaker, the film was shot entirely in 16mm B&W on April 9, 1961, capturing a protest made by folk singers in New York City’s Washington Square Park that was challenged by police officers.

Short Documentary: Friday Night Magic

Card playing — e.g. games like poker, blackjack, gin, etc. — is an American pastime. However, in the short documentary Friday Night Magic, get introduced to a different type of card playing you may not expect adults to be obsessing over: The two decades old trading card game Magic the Gathering.

Short Documentary: All Hail Chief Mooney

Saint, sinner or both? Filmmaker John Mikulak perfectly captures the face of small town law enforcement in the short documentary All Hail Chief Mooney. Described early on in the film as both endearingly “horrible” and having the “best heart in the whole world,” Chief Daniel Mooney of Waverly Township in Pennsylvania comes off as one extremely colorful character, making wildly inappropriate comments while at the same time proving that, yes, his heart is in the right place.