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Mike Davis

Mike Davis is an American independent filmmaker who specializes in making comedic feature films entirely out of footage from other, older films.

Davis considers his filmmaking style as being "green," i.e. environmentally friendly, since he doesn't waste any new resources to make them.

For each of his films, he primarily takes one older exploitation-style movie, which he re-edits and cuts in footage from other sources, e.g. educational and industrial films, and layers in a new soundtrack from voice-over actors to create an entirely new cinematic experience.

In addition to feature films, Davis's production company, Stag Films, also researches and provides stock footage for Hollywood productions, and creates videos ads out of recycled footage.

Watch Streaming Films By Mike Davis:


President Wolfman (2012)
Sex Galaxy (2008)


Streaming: President Wolfman

As Congress tries to sell the United States to China to stave off economic disaster, President John Wolfman balances his new love life with his lycanthropic transformations. Created with public domain footage and a remix of the ’70s horror movie Werewolf of Washington.

President Wolfman

With President Wolfman, filmmaker Mike Davis has proven that his “Green” moviemaking technique of using public domain footage can make one hell of a uniquely original new film.