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Matthew Rankin

Matthew Rankin is a Canadian filmmaker who lives and works in Winnipeg. He is also the co-founder of the l’Atelier-National du Manitoba filmmaking collective with Walter Forsberg.

Watch Streaming Films By Matthew Rankin:


Negativipeg (2010)
Cattle Call (2008) (co-directed with Mike Maryniuk)
Hydro-Lévesque (2008)
Sharhé Halé Shakhsi (2008)
Barber Gull Rub (2008)
The Robert Vilar Workbooks Vol. I (2007) (co-directed with Alek Rzeszowski)
I Dream of Driftwood (2007)
Ou est Maurice? (2006) (co-directed with Alek Rzeszowski)
Kubasa in a Glass (2006) (co-directed with Walter Forsberg)
Death by Popcorn: The Tragedy of the Winnipeg Jets (2005) (co-directed with Walter Forsberg and Mike Maryniuk)
Le facteur poulpe (2005)
Lank (1997)
Daft (1997)


Short Experimental Film: I Dream Of Driftwood

The Underground Film Journal has long had a fancy for apartment buildings with names, so Matthew Rankin’s I Dream of Driftwood scratches a most perfect itch for us. This short experimental film is a hectic tour around Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, focusing on buildings such as Morgan Manor, The Moorgate and, our favorite, Gary Manor.