Underground Film Journal

Martha Colburn

Martha Colburn is an American experimental animator based in New York City and Holland. She primarily uses a collage and hand-painting technique to make films that comment on politics, history, consumerism and sexuality.

Her work has exhibited at film festivals, art galleries and museums all over the world and has won her numerous awards and artist grants. She also performs live film experiences with music collaborators such as the punk band Deerhoof.

Find out more about the filmmaker at her official website.

Watch Streaming Films By Martha Colburn:


Dolls vs. Dictators (2011)
Triumph of the Wild (2008)
Myth Labs (2008)
Don’t Kill the Weatherman (2007)
Dispell (2007)
Lie, Lie Lie (2007)
Meet Me in Wichita (2006)
Destiny Manifesto (2006)
Waschzwang Mama (2006)
Wrong Time Capsule (2005)
Cosmetic Emergency (2005)
A Little Dutch Thrill (2004)
XXX Amsterdam (2004)
Secrets of Mexuality (2003)
Groscher Lansangriff: Big Bug Attack (2002)
Cats Amore (2002)
Skelehellavision (2001)
Spiders in Love: An Arachnogasmic Musical (2000)
Lift Off (1999)
A Toetally Solefull Feeture Pedsintation (1998)
There’s a Pervert in Our Pool (1998)
What’s On? (1997)
Evil of Dracula (1997)
Ode to a Busdriver (1997)
I Can’t Keep Up (1997)
Persecution in Paradise (1997)
Cholesterol (1996)
Dog Chow (1996)
Hey Tiger (1996)
Uberfall: Pee Poo and Flies (1996)
I’m Gonna’ (1996)
My Secret Shame (1996)
Who Knows? (1996)
Kiwi and Wally (1996)
Killer Tunes (1996)
Improvisation (1995)
Caffine Jam (1995)
Caroline Kraabel Solo (1995)
Zig Zag (1995)
Live Franz (1995)
Asthma (1995)
Alcohol (1995)
Feature Presentation (1994)
First Film in X-Tro (1994)
Acrophobic Babies (1994)