Underground Film Journal

Marie Losier

Marie Loser is a French experimental filmmaker currently based in New York City. She has primarily made short film profiles of other avant-garde and experimental filmmakers, such as George Kuchar, Mike Kuchar, Guy Maddin and Tony Conrad.

So far, her one feature film, The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, is an experimental documentary about underground music legend Genesis P-Orridge and his wife Lady Jaye, both of whom transformed themselves into a single pandrogynous entity named Breyer P-Orridge until Lady Jaye passed away in 2007.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at her official website.


Byun, Object Trouve (2012)
The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye (2011)
Cet Air La (2010)
Slap the Gondola! (2010)
Papal Broken-Dance (2009)
Snowbeard (2008)
Tony Conrad: DreaMinimalist (2008)
Manuelle Labor (2007)
Flying Saucey! (2006)
The Ontological Cowboy (2005)
Eat My Makeup! (2005)
Electrocute Your Stars (2004)
Bird, Bath and Beyond (2003)
The Blessing of the Animals (2003)
Butter-Fly! (2003)
Lunch Break on the Xerox Machine (2003)
Broken Blossom (2002)
The Passion of Joan of Arc (2002)
The Touch Retouched (2002)