Underground Film Journal

Margie Schnibbe

Margie Schnibbe is an American underground filmmaker and artist whose work is typically erotic in nature and deals with taboo subject matter. She's also directed several feature-length documentaries about the lives of adult video performers in Los Angeles.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at her official website.


The Cowboy (2010)
Birthday No. 45: Monthly Expenses 4 November.xls (2009)
Honey Bunny (2008)
Case 1112: Forty Is the New 14 (2008)
Eastside Story (2007)
Silverlake Scenesters (2006)
Crystal Cleans My House of Conscience (2006)
Pornstar Pets (2005)
A Young Girl’s Diary (2003)
Newhall 91321 (1999)
First Date (1997)
Hans Object of Desire (1995)
Mistress Samantha Diet Doctor (1994)