Underground Film Journal

Lewis Klahr

Lewis Klahr is an American experimental animator based in southern California. He specializes in cut-and-paste animation techniques using found photos and illustrations. His work is in the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art.

When not working on his own films, Klahr has created the animated openings for TV shows, music videos and commercials. He is also currently a film and screenwriting professor at the California Institute of the Arts.

Watch Streaming Films By Lewis Klahr:


The Pettifogger (2011)
April Snow (2010)
Nimbus Smile (2010)
Cumulonimbus (2010)
Sugar Slim Says (2010)
A Thousand Julys (2010)
False Aging (2009)
Wednesday Morning Two A.M. (2009)
Lethe (2009)
Nimbus Seeds (2009)
Hard Green (2004)
Soft Ticket (2004)
Two Days to Zero (2004)
Two Hours to Zero (2004)
Valise (2004)
Two Minutes to Zero (2003)
Daylight Moon (2002)
The Aperture of Ghostings (2002)
Engram Sepals (2000)
Govinda (1999)
Elsa Kirk (1999)
A Failed Cardigan Maneuver (1999)
Marietta’s Lied (1998)
Pony Glass (1997)
Calendar the Siamese (1997)
Green ’62 (1996)
Lulu (1996)
Whirligigs in the Late Afternoon (1996)
Altair (1994)
Downs Are Feminine (1994)
Pharaoh’s Belt (1993)
Elevator Music (1991)
Untitled (The Life of Naomi Lang (1991)
Untitled (Actuality) (1991)
Cartoon Far (1990)
The Organ Minder’s Gronkey (1990)
Station Drama (1990)
Hi-Fi Cadets (1989)
Verdant Sonar (1989)
Yesterday’s Glue (1989)
For the Rest of Your Natural Life (1988)
Lost Camel Intentions (1988)
In the Month of Crickets (1988)
Her Fragrant Emulsion (1987)