Underground Film Journal

Leslie Supnet

Leslie Supnet is an animator currently based in Toronto, Canada. Her work is primarily hand-drawn and deals with inward psychological issues. However, she has also produced work that is more experimental in nature and has incorporated live action footage.

She is also a fine artist.

Watch Streaming Films By Leslie Supnet:


Allan Gardens (2014)
Last Light Breaking (2013)
Finding the Truth in the World Around Us (2013)
A Time Is a Terrible Thing to Waste (2012)
The Idea (2012)
Auroratone Commission (2012)
You Are Here (2012)
spectroscopy (2011)
gains + losses (2011)
Wind + Snow (2011)
Weekend (2012)
How to Care for Introverts (2010)
Sun Moon Stars Rain (2009)
Hang in There (2009)
Fair Trade (2009)
Closed Circle of Worship (2009)
The Animated Heavy Metal Parking Lot (2008)
A Small Misunderstanding (2008)
Moving (2007)


2015 Winnipeg Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

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