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Leah Meyerhoff

Leah Meyerhoff is an American independent filmmaker based in New York City. She is primarily known for her kinetic and lavishly set-designed music videos and for her short films about female identity. Currently, she is at work on her first feature film, Unicorns.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at her official website.

Watch Streaming Films By Leah Meyerhoff:


I Believe in Unicorns (2014)
Like Our Fathers (2010)
Eternal Flame (2007)
Team Queen (2006)
Twitch (2005)
Neurotica (2003)
Packaged Goods (2002)
Wonderfluff Sandwiches (2001)
Pacmouse (2001)



Leah Meyerhoff’s Twitch is a sensitive portrayal of a disturbed teenage girl whose fears about being disabled destroys her sense of intimacy.