Underground Film Journal

Larry Gottheim

Larry Gottheim is an American experimental filmmaker who has been making movies since the 1960s. His earliest films have a very meditative quality and are frequently single shots of a specific location, such as his groundbreaking Fog Line (1970). His later films are dense combinations of sound and image that are designed to inspire an emotional engagement with the audience. He also founded the influential Department of Cinema in Binghamton, N.Y.


Your Television Traveler (1991)
Machete/Gillette … Mama (1989)
Mnemosyne Mother of Muses (1986)
“Sorry/Hear Us” (1984)
Tree of Knowledge (1980)
Four Shadows (1978)
Mouches Volantes (1976)
Horizons (1971-73)
Barn Rushes (1971)
Harmonica (1971)
Fog Line (1970)
Corn (1970)
Blues (1969)