Underground Film Journal



Kino21: White Heart

Kino21 presents this rare screening of Daniel Barnett’s 1975 experimental classic White Heart that is largely unknown, but revered by underground filmmakers.

Kino21: How We Fight 2

Kino21, the underground film screening series in San Francisco, is screening films about the My Lai massacre, Russian fighters and Turkey; plus more events.

Kino21: Pink Wiz

The kino21 screening series in San Francisco is hosting a special event where they will screen the Wizard of Oz along with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

Kino21: The New Talkies: Live Film Narration

Kino21 is screening The New Talkies, clips from different modern films shown with the sound off while performers provide their own running commentary.

This style of film performance is adapted from Japan’s silent movie era where the “katsudo benshi” performers provided the same kind of narration before film sound had been invented, which is of course quite different from the organ music and title cards used here in the U.S.