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Jon Clark

Jon Clark is an American independent filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles. His films typically are directly inspired by and are homages to '80s and early '90s American pop culture. He has made several music videos and short films, both live action and animated.

Clark is also an artist who has had gallery shows in L.A., plus he's written and illustrated several comic books, as well as written two autobiographical novels published in the form of the '90s zine craze.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at his official website.

Watch Streaming Films By Jon Clark:


Spectrum Hunter (2012)
So Unreal (2010)
Video Challenge (2009)
Black Cat (2008)
Video Art (2007)
The Story of Josh (Parts 1 & 2) (2006)
Baggs: The Movie (2005)
Pizza Time Theatre (2004)


Short Film: Baggs: The Movie

Prepare yourself for the best ’80s movie made in the mid-aughts: Jon Clark’s Baggs: The Movie. Imagine an alternate past in which the hackey sack fad of the ’80s -inspired a low budget exploitation feature.