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Jodie Mack

Jodie Mack is an American experimental animation filmmaker, currently based in New Hampshire. She typically uses a collage animation technique to make vibrant and kinetic short films. Mostly her work is completely abstract in nature, but sometimes exhibits a more narrative form, such as her epic animated musical Yard Work Is Hard Work.

Mack received her MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and currently teaches animation at Dartmouth College. She has also curated programs for gallery shows and film festivals such as the Chicago Underground Film Festival and the Florida Experimental Film and Video Festival.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at her official website.

Watch Streaming Films By Jodie Mack:


Dusty Stacks of Mom (2013)
The Future Is Bright (2011)
August Song (2011)
Unsubscribe #4: The Saddest Song in the World (2010)
Unsubscribe #3: Glitch Envy (2010)
Unsubscribe #2: All Eyes on the Silver Screen (2010)
Unsubscribe #1: Special Offer Inside (2010)
Posthaste Perennial Pattern (2010)
Rad Plaid (2010)
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (2009)
Twilight Spirit (2009)
Yard Work is Hard Work (2008)
Lilly (2007)
Harlequin (2006)
All Stars (2006)
A Joy (2005)
Ebullition (2004)
Two-Hundred Feet (2003)
Untitled (for R.) (2003)


Digital Is Cinema

Dissolves, editing, juxtaposing one image against another: Those are all things done in digital that are done because that is what we expect cinema to be.