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Jim Finn

Jim Finn is an American experimental filmmaker who specializes in making feature-length political mock-documentaries about Communist countries. His one feature film, The Juche Idea, was such a convincing mock-history of North Korea, Finn was invited onto news programs as an expert on Kim Jong Il. Finn also makes short films out of found footage, taking pop culture artifacts and twisting them so that they have a political bent.

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Watch Streaming Films By Jim Finn:


Great Man and Cinema (2009)
Dick Cheney in a Cold, Dark Cell (2009)
The Juche Idea (2008)
La trinchera luminosa del presidente Gonzalo (2007)
Interkosmos (2006)
la loteria (2004-05)
super-max (2003)
Decision 80 (2003)
w├╝stenspringmaus (2002)
el g├╝ero (2001)
comunista! (2001)
sharambaba (1999)