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Jennifer Reeder

Jennifer Reeder is an American independent filmmaker based in the Midwest. For much of her early career, she specialized in short, wordless videos of Midwestern American life and created the controversial White Trash Girl series, which chronicled a "swirling morass of filth."

Reeder has made a few feature films, such as Accidents at Home and How They Happen and Tiny Plastic Rainbow; and her more recent short films like A Million Miles Away and Blood Below the Skin are fictional narratives that chronicle and celebrate the lives of teenage girls. Her work is primarily Feminist in nature and she has said that she considers her work "to be a form of activism—both social and artistic."

Watch Streaming Films By Jennifer Reeder:


Blood Below the Skin (2015)
A Million Miles Away (2014)
Girls Love Horses (2013)
And I Will Rise If Only to Hold You Down (2012)
One Thousand Ways to Skin It (2011)
Tears Cannot Restore Her: Therefore, I Weep (2010)
Seven Songs About Thunder (2010)
Accidents at Home and How They Happen (2008)
Stiff (2007)
Claim (2007)
Pink and Silver (2006)
A Heart and Other Small Shapes (2006)
The Closer Stockholm (2004)
Tiny Plastic Rainbow (2003)
The Ex-Boyfriend and Other Impossible Pleasures (2002)
Teenage Sex Angel and the Avalanche of Sorrow (2002)
Small Sleepy Driver and the Fountain of Blood (2002)
Skin Job (2002)
A Double Image Both in Focus Simultaneously (2001)
A Room With the Walls Blasted to Shreds and Falling (2001)
Twin Decks (2001)
No Known Enemies Are Eternal (2001)
With Someone I Love ‘Darling, Otherwise, Nothing (2000)
Hide Inside Me Tonight (2000)
God’s Own Private Mystery (1999)
Le Tour Est Continuer La Respiration (The Trick Is to Keep Breathing) (1999)
The Secret History (1999)
Lullaby (1999)
Johnny Take a Dive (1999)
Nevermind (1998)
Faster, Fastest (1999)
My Little Pretty (1998)
Law of Desire Video (1997)
Natural Born Cocksuckers (1996)
The Devil Inside (1996)
Deluxe Vacation (1994)
You Little Heartbreaker (1993)


Streaming: Signature Move

A Pakistani-American lawyer who lives with her housebound, conservative mother gets involved in the underground scene of masked female wrestling and begins a deep lesbian romance with a Mexican-American woman whose own mother is a retired Luchadora.

Robert Beck Memorial Cinema: January — May Screenings, 1999

Continuing into 1999 at the Collective Unconscious theater space in NYC, the RBMC — co-programmed by Brian L. Frye and Bradley Eros — went on hiatus for the first week of the year, but resumed on January 12. Below is a list of screenings from then until a May 18 event that celebrated the RBMC’s first full year of existence.

Classic Experimental Short Film: Lullaby

Video memories and nostalgia blur together in Jennifer Reeder’s classic installation piece, Lullaby, in which personal footage of ’80s cheerleading tryouts and ballet classes is set to a heavily slowed down and distorted version of Madonna’s early hit, Lucky Star.

2014 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

This year’s student-run Milwaukee Underground Film Festival will screen on May 1-4 at various locations on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus and off-campus at the Microlights Cinema. Once again, the festival will feature eclectic and amazing avant-garde and experimental short films in video, 16mm and 8mm formats. The fest opens on May 1 with a […]