Underground Film Journal

Jem Cohen

Jem Cohen is an NYC-based experimental documentary filmmaker who specializes in films about place and location, as well as portraits of musicians, such as the band Fugazi. His inspiration for working outside of traditional channels of production and distribution is the DIY punk rock movement.

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Museum Hours (2013)
Anne Truitt, Working (2009)
One Bright Day (2009)
Evening’s Civil Twilight in Empires of Tin (2008)
Half the Battle (2008)
Building a Broken Mousetrap (2006)
Blessed Are the Dreams of Men (2006)
Chain (2004)
Georgia Thief (2002)
Benjamin Smoke (2000)
Little Flags (2000)
Instrument (1999)
Amber City (1999)
Lucky Three (1997)
Lost Book Found (1996)
Nightswimming (1993)
Drink Deep (1991)
Light Years (1989)
This Is a History of New York (The Golden Dark Age of Reason) (1987)
Witness (1986)
A Road in Florida (1983)