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Jeff Keen

Jeff Keen was a British experimental filmmaker whose frenetic, fast-paced work combines pop culture imagery with sociopolitical themes and, more frequently in his later films, a fascination with war and violence. Beginning his cinematic career in the early 1960s, Keen was one of only a handful of British artists making experimental work at the time.

While Keen's pop-infused sensibilities has been at odds with other, more popular styles of British avant-garde cinema throughout the years, his work has been typically well-received and supported, even if his fame has still yet to spread outside of his home country.

Keen is also a painter, collage artist, sculptor and poet. He passed away on June 21, 2012.

Watch Streaming Films By Jeff Keen:


Afterblatz 2 (2002)
Omozap Terribelis (2002)
Joy Thru Film (2000)
Kino Staccato (1999)
Artwar Fallout + Artwar 3 (1995)
Omozap in Artwar (1995)
Artwar (1993)
Artwar: The Last Frontier (1993)
Kino Pulveriso (1993)
Omozapv (1991)
Omozap (1991)
Plazmatic Blatz (1991)
Artwar Loop 1 (1990)
Artwar Loop 2 (1990)
B-B-B Born and Life Storm (1990)
Blazomatika (1990)
Blazon Blatzom: El Pistolera Blatzo (1990)
Plasticator (1990)
Pulverized Cinema (1990)
Blatzom (1986)
Dreams and Past Crimes of the Archduke (1984)
Return of Silver Head (1980)
Spontaneous Combustion (1980)
Victory Thru Film Power (1980)
The Cartoon Theatre of Dr. Gaz (1979)
Mad Love (1972-78)
Rayday Film (1968-76)
Godzilla: Last of the Creatures (1976)
24 Films (1975)
Rosa Canina (1975)
White Dust (1970-72)
Stolen Moments (1972)
Day of Arcane Light (1969)
Mothman (1969)
The Mutt & Jeff Icecream Sundae (1969)
Meatdaze (1968)
White Lite (1968)
Marvo Movie (1967)
Cineblatz (1967)
Flik Flak (1964-65)
Instant Cinema (1965)
Missing Close-ups (1965)
The Pink Auto (1964)
Breakout (1962)
The Autumn Feast (1961)
Like the Time Is Now (1961)
Wail (1960)


Jeff Keen, R.I.P.

Jeff Keen, the iconic British underground filmmaker and artist, passed away on June 21 after battling cancer for the past several years.

Save Jeff Keen!

Jeff Keen is a brilliant, nearly unknown in the U.S. filmmaker who made the classic short film Marvo Movie. Learn more about this great artist!