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Jay Hollinsworth

Jay Hollinsworth is an Austin-based American filmmaker specializing in quirky feature-length indie films and music videos. Previously, he has worked for film cooperatives such as Chicago Filmmakers and the Center for New Television and has worked as a Production Designer on other filmmakers' indie films.

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Broken (2005)
Prayer for the Blacktop Survivors (2000)
Circuit (1995)


Streaming: Broken

After losing his job as a telemarketer, a slacker returns to his childhood home to find direction for his life and ends up forging a deep bond with his older brother.

On DVD: Broken

For the DVD release of Broken, if they gave out Oscars for most original “bonus” feature, Jay Hollinsworth would surely win one for this.

Broken In NYC

This is a few months off, but writer/director Jay Hollinsworth says that his feature film Broken will be playing at NYC’s famous Pioneer Theater in November.


Broken is a subdued, surreal comedy by Jay Hollinsworth about a hapless telemarketer who moves back home after losing his girlfriend.