Underground Film Journal

James Fotopoulos

James Fotopoulos is an extremely prolific experimental filmmaker, known for his strangely surreal feature films and his prodigious experimental short film output, some lasting for just a few seconds. (The filmography below is a very abbreviated list.) He's also an artist and a musician.

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Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Saturn Return (2009)
Untitled (Thanks. Get In …) (2008)
Sleep Weep (The Zookeeper) (2007)
The Sky Song (2007)
Trinity (2006)
The Mirror Mask (2005)
Spine Face (2005)
The Ant Hill (2004)
The Pearl (2004)
The Weeping Tree (2003)
The Nest (2003)
Hymn (2002)
Christabel (2001)
Back Against the Wall (2000)
Migrating Forms (1999)
Zero (1997)