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Jacqueline Goss

Jacqueline Goss is an American experimental documentary filmmaker and digital media artist whose work explores how the individual is defined by constantly shifting political, cultural and scientific systems. Currently, she teaches in the Film and Electronic Arts Department at Bard College.

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Watch Streaming Films By Jacqueline Goss:


The Observers (2011)
Stranger Comes to Town (2007)
How to Fix the World (2004)
There There Square (2002)
The 100th Undone (2001)
So to Speak (2000)
Trifle Trilogy:
Slapstickers (1999)
Medicine Show (1998)
Universal Shark (1996)


Feature Film Online: The Observers

Let’s talk about the weather. Or, at least observe it. Two climate scientists go about their daily routines throughout the seasons in The Observers, a meditative rumination on observational study directed by Jacqueline Goss.