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Horror Movie Reviews


Fucking Tulsa

Fucking Tulsa is a cinematic baseball bat to the head. Directed by Clu Gulager, shot by John Gulager and stars Tom and Miriam Gulager.

Basement Jack

Directed by Michael Shelton, Basement Jack is a nice throwback to ’80s slasher films with a glossy modern sheen. Plus, Lynn Lowry rocks.

Strange Girls

Strange Girls is a freaky horror movie directed by Rona Mark about twin sisters who speak their own language and slaughter their neighbors.

The Devil’s Muse

The Devil’s Muse is a modern neo-noir thriller by director Ramzi Abed about a naive actress who obsesses over the Black Dahlia murder case.


Bane by James Eaves is a new twist on the torture porn genre in which several women are locked up and abused for medical experiments.

Brain Dead

Kevin S. Tenney’s Brain Dead is filled with gratuitous gore, nudity and bad jokes; or, in other words: It’s a totally awesome horror movie.