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With its three-letter title and directed by the singularly named Elias, it’s no surprise that Gut is about as minimal a horror movie can be and still be considered a horror movie.

Zero Killed

Michael Kosakowski’s Zero Killed is a documentary that explores everyday people’s murder fantasies, confessed on camera, then acted out in a short fictional film.

President Wolfman

With President Wolfman, filmmaker Mike Davis has proven that his “Green” moviemaking technique of using public domain footage can make one hell of a uniquely original new film.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day, an outrageous horror comedy by Astron-6 and Troma, is an over-the-top gorefest about the hunt for a serial killer who targets other people’s dads.

Help Wanted

Waylon Bacon’s Help Wanted is a disturbingly hilarious walk through the worst first job ever, processing corpses in a grimy warehouse.


J.T. Petty goes deep into the dark world of underground horror in S&Man to try to understand why audiences enjoy violent movies.

The Uh-Oh Show

Splatter movie pioneer Herschell Gordon Lewis returns with his latest gore-filled social satire, The Uh-Oh Show, which mixes humor and blood.

El Monstro Del Mar!

El Monstro Del Mar! is Australian filmmaker Stuart Simpson’s loving, and ultra-bloody, homage to the great Sixties American monster movies.

The Double Born

Horror director Tony Randel turns to guerrilla filmmaking with killer results for The Double Born, starring the phenomenal Sammi Davis.