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Greg Hanson

Greg Hanson is an American independent filmmaker based in New York City. His films typically put a modern spin on classic, trashy cinematic styles and genres, such as '70s grindhouse flicks and '50s monster movies.

He has also co-directed several films with director Casey Regan and has produced more mainstream indie film fare, including short films like Jamie Kennedy's Cinemazing and feature films like Benjamin Brewer's Beneath Contempt. In addition, he's directed promotional trailers for film festivals such as the Boston Underground and the Atlanta Underground.

Learn more about this filmmaker at the website for his company Greth Productions.

Watch Streaming Films By Greg Hanson:


Supercute! – Dumb Dumbs (2012)
Sink Hole (2011)
Meat Me in Plainville (2011) (with Casey Regan)
Good Taste (2011)
Thy Kill Be Done (2010) (with Casey Regan)
Monster of Mad Mooney’s Lake (2010)
Black (2010)
Reckless Girl (2009)
Boys Will Be Boys (2009) (with Casey Regan)
Low Overhead (2009)
Smear City (2008)
Manthrax! (2008)