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Giuseppe Andrews

Giuseppe Andrews is a Hollywood actor most known for roles in Detroit Rock City and Cabin Fever who also makes his own low-budget video feature films and short films. His own productions frequently use the same cast of non-professional actors who live in and around a trailer park in California. They also typically feature extremely raw language and over-the-top scatological humor. He is also a musician.

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Watch Streaming Films By Giuseppe Andrews:


Schoof (2008)
Cat Piss (2007)
Garbanzo Gas (2007)
Jacuzzi Rooms (2006)
Ants (2006)
The Laundry Room (2006)
Wiggly (2006)
Grandpa (2005)
Who Flung Poo? (2004)
Tater Tots (2004)
Dribble (2004)
Trailer Town (2003)
In Our Garden (2002)
Touch Me in the Morning (1999)


Trailer Town

With Trailer Town, Giuseppe Andrews has created another over-the-top obscene verbal assault from the degenerate residents of a wild trailer park.