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Georg Koszulinski

Georg Koszulinski is an American independent filmmaker previously based in Florida, but now based in Iowa. He is primarily known for his poetic and artistic documentaries.

However, his first two feature-length productions, Blood of the Beast (2003) and Silent Voyeur (2004), were genre-themed fictional narratives. He followed those with a text-heavy alternative history of the Sunshine State, Cracker Crazy: Invisible Histories of the Sunshine State (2007).

Koszulinski's documentaries since then have mostly focused on issues of geography and history and how they guide and impact on social issues. His films consist either entirely of original footage, found footage or a combination of both.

Learn more about this filmmaker at the website of his production company Substream Films.

Watch Streaming Films By Georg Koszulinski:


Last Stop, Flamingo (2014)
Ocean Movements Over Barred Island, Maine (2010)
A Highway Called 301 (2010)
Ghost (2010)
Young Machine (2010)
Workout Video (part 1) (2010)
This is not a Pipe Bomb (2010)
Warships (2010)
Beats per Minute (2010)
White House (2009)
Dead Buffalo (2009)
Road to Katahdin (2008)
Fragments from an Endless War (2008)
Immokalee U.S.A. (2008)
America in Pictures (2007)
Cracker Crazy: Invisible Histories of the Sunshine State (2007)
Silent Voyeur (2004)
Blood of the Beast (2003)
Desinformatsia (2002)


A Highway Called 301

A Highway Called 301, a documentary by Georg Koszulinski, is a dreamy, poetic ode to a simpler way of life that has all but died in the U.S.