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Feature Film Online: The Observers

Let’s talk about the weather. Or, at least observe it. Two climate scientists go about their daily routines throughout the seasons in The Observers, a meditative rumination on observational study directed by Jacqueline Goss.

Feature Film Online: Ok, Good

Los Angeles is a city where dreams are made. But, for most people looking to find a career in the entertainment industry, this town can become an unending nightmare. The torture of an L.A. working actor’s existence is exquisitely captured in Daniel Martinico’s Ok, Good.

Feature Film Online: Maintenance

Exposed! What people do in the privacy of their very own homes is put on display for all to see in Adele Horne’s very dirty movie, Maintenance. Horne’s subjects do it all: Scrubbing, dusting, sweeping, mopping. No, those aren’t euphemisms. Maintenance exposes the private act of cleaning in an entirely engrossing way.

Horror Feature Film Online: Chop

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and sometimes without even knowing what the entrée is. In Chop, Will Keenan stars as a man being tortured by a mysterious stranger who claims Keenan wronged him in the past.