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Don Swaynos

Don Swaynos is an Austin-based filmmaker who has directed short films, music videos and feature-length documentaries. He's also a freelance editor and a member of the Jollyville Pictures filmmaking collective.

He has directed one feature film, the absurdist comedy Pictures of Superheroes.

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Pictures of Superheroes (2012)
Six Hundred And Forty-One Slates (2012)
The American Widow Project (2008) (co-directed with Taryn Davis)
Year at Danger (2007) (co-directed with Steve Metze)
In Defense of Definitions… (2006)


On VOD: Pictures Of Superheroes

Don Swaynos’s howlingly funny surrealist comedy Pictures of Superheroes is now available to rent and buy on VOD. You can stream the film on Amazon, as well as other streaming services.

Pictures of Superheroes

Don Swaynos’ debut feature film, the surrealist Pictures of Superheroes, is a real gem of a comedy that forms a perfect little surreal universe that never betrays its own self-contained operating system.