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Frank & Cindy

G.J. Echternkamp’s Frank & Cindy is one of the most demented home movies you’re ever going to see. It’s also one of the most touching.

Year At Danger

Year at Danger is one of the best Iraq War films, directed by Steve Metze, who filmed his deployment; plus co-directed by Don Swaynos.


Scott Baker of Coney Island’s Sideshows by the Seashore is a helluva talent and filmmaker Gary Beeber catches him in all his hilarious glory.

Immokalee, U.S.A.

Immokalee, U.S.A., is a stunningly beautiful documentary by filmmaker Georg Koszulinski, who captures the lives of immigrant farm workers.

By Any Old Light

By Any Old Light, co-directed by Dionysos Andronis and Ca Ca Ca, documents the meeting of filmmakers Peter Whitehead and Aryan Kaganof.

Train On The Brain

Alison Murray fulfills her dream to see America by riding its rails and ends up de-glamorizing the wandering, aimless life of the hobo.

Casualties Of War

The tragic story of Michael Xavier Steinberg of the band Black Oak Arkansas is chronicled in this short film directed by Alejandro Torres.

Nomads And No-Zones

Vanessa Renwick and Greta Snider’s shared DVD Nomads and No-Zones from Other Cinema is awesome, totally rocks and you need to get it right now.