Underground Film Journal

Documentary Reviews


American Arab

American Arab, the latest provocative documentary by Usama Alshaibi, is both profoundly personal and culturally inquisitive. The film tells his own unique story as well as the stories of other Arabs.

Zero Killed

Michael Kosakowski’s Zero Killed is a documentary that explores everyday people’s murder fantasies, confessed on camera, then acted out in a short fictional film.

Run Run It’s Him

Matthew Pollack’s Run Run It’s Him is a complex, autobiographical documentary about the filmmaker’s lifelong addiction to pornography.


The documentary Scrap by Paul von Stoetzel is an artful documentary about two American iconoclast artists: Jim Bishop and Tom Every.

A Highway Called 301

A Highway Called 301, a documentary by Georg Koszulinski, is a dreamy, poetic ode to a simpler way of life that has all but died in the U.S.

Heavy Metal Picnic

In Heavy Metal Picnic, Jeff Krulik and John Heyn continue to document the most rockin’ place and time in history: 1980s Maryland.


J.T. Petty goes deep into the dark world of underground horror in S&Man to try to understand why audiences enjoy violent movies.