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Deco Dawson

Deco Dawson is a Winnipeg-based experimental filmmaker who specializes in directing short, hand-processed films that are influenced by both vaudeville and classic silent cinema. He is also currently branching out into features and has collaborated extensively with Guy Maddin. Previously to becoming a filmmaker, Dawson produced 13 stage plays, many of which he also wrote and directed.

Learn more about this filmmaker at his official website and watch several of his short films on Vimeo.

Watch Streaming Films By Deco Dawson:


Hydro: Tergus/Viscus (2011)
Sluice Box and a Rocker (2009)
The Last Moment (2007)
Elizabeth Short (2006)
Dumb Angel (2005)
Defile in Veil (2003)
The Fever of the Western Nile (2003)
FILM(dzama) (2001)
Lode (2000)
Knout (1999)
Emend (1998)
Luster (1998)


Short Film: Luster

In Deco Dawson’s Luster, a shoe shine boy has a crisis of faith when he questions his occupation. Will he find happiness in the Bible?