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Dave Griffiths

Dave Griffiths is a UK-based experimental filmmaker whose work explores the hidden narratives to be found on the fringes of our cultural memory. One of his more popular techniques is to edit together a series of projectionist cues from movies that have been broadcast on TV. He works in film, video, animation and in print formats, such as microfiche.

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Watch Streaming Films By Dave Griffiths:


Seer’s Catalogue (2009)
The Legend of Pwdre Sêr (2008)
Saturday Night Special (2007)
Nataraja (2007)
Ozymandias (2006)
Love Is a Burning Thing (2006)
Black & White Dross (2005)
Epic Drag (2005)
Some Late Turners (2004)
Heatwork for Sparklers & Spycams (2003)
Rogue State (2003)
Electro-Intervention (2002)
Roused By My Epilepsy (2001)